Wednesday, June 29

Sasuke Hating

Hello Everyone I've recently watched the latest too Naruto Episodes and alot of hate towards Sasuke came up again. When I read the chapters these episodes were based on I really started to dislike Sasuke. With team 7 and all he was the epic guy ....but now? I HATE HIIIIM, when I read the chapters I started to dislike him, but now its hate for real, and its really sad to see how hard Naruto tries to help him. I love Naruto and all but I really hope there wont be an happy ending for those two. I hope that Naruto kills,destroys and EXTINGUISH Sasuke from their Ninja world once and for all!

He's annoying and above all selfish as hell. When Sasuke found out about Itachis past (that was like the biggest WTF of Naruto so far btw) I thought that he would reconsider his hate and maybe be totally emo and hate himself for killing Itachi at all, but he doesn't feel remorse about that at all, he just thinks he's gonna kill ALL of Konoha to have "revenge". He's just hatin everything he can hate...-_____- Btw why ALL of Konoha? I can understand the black ops or you now the ones who ordered the mission like Danzo, I can understand Danzo, but why Naruto Sakura and all the others? They've never done anything and then he's just crazy hating guy who everyone loves soooo much when they should just kill him as a freaking terrorist. Sorry all Sasuke lovers but this whole Sasuke thing is going to far :O Right now in the manga Sasuke's not been mentioned for a VERY long time, but I suspect there to be a lot more of him in the future unfortuneately. Well lets just hope Naruto exterminates him :DSorry for spoilers, but if you were spoiled blame yourself for not following Naruto as you should!! Read my other posts about Naruto by clicking on the label Naruto.

Linda :*

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  1. I like this layout better...

    I think I might give Naruto a skip..