Thursday, June 23

Awesome AMV

Hello everyone! I have'nt told you about this but maybe three or four weeks ago I went to a convent in my home town called Uppcon. It's the biggest manga/anime related convent in Sweden and I had LOTS of fun! Every year when uppcon is held they have an AMV competition.

Unfortuneately I missed it this year during the convent, but I watched the winning videos afterwards and I LOVED them. One of them were the public´s choice and the other the jurys. I think the one the public choosed was the better one, but I really liked the jurys too. It made me wanna look at the anime so I will check that out someday. Well :D Look at the AMV's and tell me what you think about them. I dont look at AMV's often but it's interesting to see what people do with their favourite series.

Audience Choice

Jurys Choice

Love :D

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