Sunday, January 23


Hello everyone, this weekend has been a hell for me but I'm writing you a post anyway. This manga has been my escape since friday so. MARS an superawesome manga, it's a long time ago I read such a honest and romantis shoujo manga. The illustrator/author is named Souryo Fuyumi and I like the way she illustrates her characters. It's unique in a way, at least the guys. The maincharacters Rei and Kira are very cute and I like the fact that they're both kind of the opposite of the other, but in the ground they're very alike. I guess when it comes to love it's whats in the deepest parts of our hearts and desires that makes us fit perfect with eachother. Jeez I'm deep today guys! I like the fact that it has 15 volumes. It will keep me busy for a while. I'm currently in the fifth so. You can read it here. It has been adapted to a taiwanese drama, 21 episodes, but I'll come back to that when I've watched it. :D Enjoy guys
About the Manga
Kira Aso and Rei Kashino meet when Rei asks Kira for directions to a local hospital one day in the park, but instead of telling him the directions she draws him a map and hands it to him without saying a word. On the back of the directions is a picture Kira drew of a mother and child. On the first day of school they are both surprised to find that they are in the same class. Later Rei walks in on their teacher sexually harassing Kira. Rei promises to protect Kira in exchange for a painted version of the sketch that was on the back of the map. He also offers to "lend Kira his body" and she asks him to model for her.
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