Wednesday, August 25

A Role and Smiles

OMGI wanted to write a post I wrote an awesome post but then my computer crashed and everything was lost...........This day is weird I iwll take the whole thing but a lot shorter. I've won a role in the swedish dubbed version of Sammys Adventures Random animated movie I'm superhappy I won. I've finished You're Beautiful . Super awesome drama! I love the male lead Hwang Tae Kyungs smile when it comes out. Sometimes even cuter than Jeremys! The Love Story and the acting in You're Beautiful is awesome so watch it people. I wnat it on DVD : ( WATCH IT! If you have any dramas/animations/manga that you think I should read write a comment ;D
SUPERCUTE Hwang Tae KyungSUPERCUTE JeremyWhich one is the cutest?


Since I've started school the posts are'nt that frequent but some time now and then i'll write a post :D

Lind :*

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