Tuesday, September 21

Paradise Kiss

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Today I'll talk about Paradise Kiss maybe you've already heard of the manga/anime but howerver I'll tell you now if you have'nt. Paradise Kiss I've seen alot on different websites but it never really caught my interest, but now it has. the author/artist is Ai Yazawa. I love the opening but laughed when I saw the video. The song is really good but the video was just... I don't now I guess it's what they call kawaii in Japan. I like the details in the anime, some of them are very detailed and the maker of Nana has made Paradise Kiss too. Nana I have'nt talked about before but it's one of the most popular manga/animes ever made. I will probably write a post about Nana sometime. Paradise Kiss is about a typical japanese schoolgirl who get's involved in a very alternative designer group. A lovestory envolves between the head designer George and the maincharacter Yukari.The name Paradise Kiss is what the designer groups coming brand's called . It's a very cute manga and I like the drawing style. I have'nt read the Manga. Unfortuneately I made the same mistake again and started watching the anime before reading the manga, but sometimes I just don't have the energy to do so. well everyone I really like this anime and have'nt finished it, but I will in a day or so probably and I recommend you all to watch it with me. I watch the anime here and you can read the manga here.
About the Manga
Yukari wants nothing more than to make her parents happy by studying hard and getting into a good college. One afternoon, however, she is kidnapped by a group of self-styled fashionistas calling themselves "Paradise Kiss." Yukari suddenly finds herself flung into the roller-coaster life of the fashion world, guided by George, art-snob extraordinaire. In a glamorous makeover of body, mind and soul, she is turned from a hapless bookworm into her friends22 own exclusive clothing model.
About the Anime
Yukari is a typical high-school student who listens to her parents and attends school everyday. As she starts to question her way of life, she encounters a group of fashion design students who has a clothing label known as "Paradise Kiss". The group needs to find a model to showcase their designs in an up-coming fashion show and decides to pick Yukari instead. Initially, Yukari was reluctant to be associated with this seemingly eccentric group, but eventually, she realises that they are really nice people. Furthermore, their passion and enthusiasm to follow their ideals and dreams make Yukari realise that she has not been enjoying her life and this motivated her to pursue her own dreams.

Here is the video for the opening song. Hate the video, it's laughable, but love the song.

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