Thursday, July 29


Hello I've read alot of manga these past days and today i'll tell you all about a mnaga named Otomegokoro. It's a shoujo manga and it has only 8 chapters. I read it in an hour and I found it rather amusing. Not the best shoujo manga ever but it was fun and you can read it if you're bored sometime. It's a love triangle drama and one of the characters named Izumi made me angry all the time, but the manga ended happily. It's very kliche like mot of these shoujo manga who's got a popular boy, a weird girl and of some reason he's interested in her and you know the storya but I just find them so CUTE so I can't stop reading them. The author of this manga is Ayu Watanabe and she's also the author of 2 other mangas I'm reading but i'll talk about them some other time. You can read this supercute manga here :D.
About the Manga

Sixteen-year-old Nene Kashiwagi has undergone a transformation from a sporty girl to a chic one--or, at least, she's trying to become chic so that she can finally find love! Her efforts only gain her teasing from her (former) friend, Jun Endou. But when Nene's first attempt at finding love goes awry, Jun steps in to rescue her in the most unexpected way.

Linda~chan :3

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